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Short essay on pond in telugu

short essay on pond in telugu

water. It helps in rejuvenating the groundwater levels in both directly and indirectly manner. Whenever it rains, rain water gets collected into the man made ponds or tanks. The most common and easy method of rain water harvesting is the rooftop harvesting. Rain water harvesting system helps in reducing the insecurity of households or individuals in the rural areas. Here the salt content increases as depth increases, thereby creating a salinity or density gradient. Deforestation, rapid urbanization, rain water infiltration to the sub-soil, etc reasons are continuously decreasing the level of ground water.

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short essay on pond in telugu

More and clean rain water can be collected in the rainy season by making large and clean water body. Following are benefits of rain water harvesting: It helps in reducing water supply loads and electricity bills of municipality, improve free water supply, supply chain management research paper conclusion crop production in rural areas, and thus lead to food security. Every drop of rain water is like blessings of God to the people on the earth. Rain water harvesting is the collection of rainwater into the man made resources or any natural resource like pond, lake, etc at the same place where it falls from rooftops or ground. Lakes and ponds also provide a water supply to agricultural, domestic, and industrial uses. This type of pond is called a vernal pond, or ephemeral, seasonal, or temporary wetlands. The net result is that the pond water remains at the atmospheric temperature.